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A. Choose the best answer for the following questions.

1.      How  _________ money do you want for the tickets?

a) much                            b) many                       c) long                         d) high

2.   On 21 July 1969, Neil Armstrong ________ the first man to walk on the moon.

      a) become                          b) becomes                  c) became                    d) can become

3.     A: How _________ lemonade have we got?

 B: We’ve got only _________ bottle.

 a) many / one                     b) much / some            c) much / one               d) many / any

4.   A: _________ bananas have we got?

 B: We haven’t got __________.

 a) How much / any            b) How many / any     c) How much / some   d) How many / some

5.     You are only 14. You aren’t old __________ to get married.

 a) enough                          b) too                           c) many                       d) small

6.   A: __________ homework do you get?

      B: __________!

 a) How much / Too many                         c) How many / Not many                  

 b) How many / Not much                         d) How much / Too much

7.  The museum was very crowded. There were too _________ people.
 a) only                              b) more                        c) much                       d) many

8.   Did you take any photographs when you ________ in England?

 a) were                               b) are                           c) could                       d) did

9.   There wasn’t _________in the cinema. It was completely empty.

 a) anybody                        b) somebody               c) everybody               d)  nobody     

10. I didn't know _________ about computers until I started this job.

 a)  nothing                         b) everything               c) something                d) anything

11. A: It is your birthday! What do you want to do?

      B: I _________  out with my friends.

      a)  like going                      b) would like to go      c) go                            d) went

12. Ken was in hospital for two days but ____________ went to see him.

 a) somebody                      b) anybody                  c) nobody                    d) everybody

13. Andrew loves _________, but he can’t eat his own food.

 a) not cooking                   b) cooking                   c) not to cook              d) to cook

14. John: How many bedrooms _________ in your new flat?

      Tina: _________ one.

  a) is there / there is                                   c) is there / there are   

  b) are there / there are                               d) are there / there is

15.  A: _________ does she leave home?

       B: At 8 o’clock.

       a) What time                    b) Where                     c) Who                        d) Why

16. She always watches TV _________ the evening.

      a) on                                  b) in                             c) at                             d) to

17. All the hotels are full. I can’t find a room  _________.

 a) anywhere                       b) everywhere             c) nowhere                  d) somewhere

18. A: “Excuse me! _________ a post office _________ here?”

 B: “No, I’m afraid not.”

 a) Are there / next to         b) Is it / next to           c) Are there / near       d) Is there / near

19. Can I speak _________ you _________ my homework?

 a) to / about                       b) to / at                       c) at / in                       d) by / for

20. My granddad ________ born in 1942. He _______ in 2009.

a) is / died                           b) was / dies                c) is / dies                    d) was / died

21. He went to England _________ 10th of October.

 a) in                                   b) on                            c) at                             d) from

22. She always watches TV _________ night.

 a) in                                   b) at                             c) on                            d) of

23. A: “_________ do you go swimming?”

 B: “Once a week.”

 a) How long                      b) How much              c) How often               d) How many

24. She _________ hard because she _________ exams next week.

 a) works / have                  b) is working / has       c) is working / have     d) work / has

25. We were very ________ when we heard the news.

 a) worry                             b) worries                    c) worrying                  d) worried

26. Take your umbrella. It  ________ outside at the moment.

 a) rain                                b)  rained                     c)  rains                        d) is raining

27. My brother usually ________ to school at 8 o'clock, but yesterday he ________ to school

      at 9 o'clock.

     a) goes / is going                 b) goes / went              c)  is going / goes        d) is going / went

28. What_________ you  _________ of her latest book?

 a) do / thinking                  b) are / think                c) are / thinking           d) do / think

29. Look! Catherine _________ loudly. She often _________ this song.

 a) is singing / sings            b) sings / is singing      c) sang / sings              d) sings / sang

30.  Lilly and her husband _________ on a picnic every Tuesday and _________ a nice time.

 a) are going / having          b) are going / have       c) go / having              d) go / have

31. He _________ always angry about the traffic in the morning.

a) was                               b) does                                    c) is                              d) can

32.  The movie was so _________ that I fell asleep.

    a) tired                              b) tiring                       c) boring                      d) bored

33. Your homework is good but I think you can do_________ .

    a) worse                            b) better                       c) best                          d) worst

34.  Prague is a beautiful city. I went there two years ________  

      a) ago                                b) ----                           c) last                           d) before

35.  Peter speaks Chinese very ________.

      a) fluent                             b) fortunately              c) terrible                     d) fluently

36. I didn’t have _________ breakfast today.

      a) ---                                  b) a                              c) the                           d) no

37. Tokyo has one of ________ railway systems in the world.

      a) busiest                           b) the busiest               c) busier                       d) busier than

38. Dad went to _________ work by _________ car.

      a) a / a                                b) the / the                   c) --- /---                       d) a / the

39. Can you turn off ________ radio, please? I want to watch ________ TV.

      a) the / the                         b) a / a                         c) a / the                      d) the /---

40. Oprah: “When I was a kid, we _________ poor and we _________ have much money.”

      a)  were / didn’t                b)  weren’t / did          c)  did / were               d)  are / don’t

41. Linda had _________ to eat the whole day, only _________ milk for breakfast.

      a) something / some          b) nothing / some        c) everything / any      d) anything / any

42. Tina and Henry got married ________ last year ________ May.

      a) --- /---                             b) in / in                       c) at / on                      d) --- / in

43. The music here is too loud. Can we go somewhere ________?

      a) the quietest                    b) quietest                   c) quieter                     d) quieter than

44.  I'm afraid Mr Walsh is away ________ holiday this week.

      a) in                                   b) on                            c)  at                            d)  from

45. His parents live ________ the south of France. He goes there ________ train every summer.

      a) at / in                             b) in / by                      c) on / in                      d) by / at

46. The car stopped because there isn’t________ petrol left.

      a) any                                b) no                            c) some                        d) a

47. She has ________ ticket and ________money in her purse.

      a) a / a                                b) some / some            c) a / some                   d) some / a

48. A: _________ did Armstrong and Aldrin spend walking on the moon’s surface?

      B: They spent two and a half hours walking on the moon.

      a) How far                         b) How long                c) How often               d)  How

49. A: Can I help you?

      B: ___________________________

      a) I am just looking, thanks.                      c) It was great seeing you!

      b) Never mind. Another time.                  d) Congratulations! That’s great news!

50. A: Would you like ________ to eat?

      B: No, thank you. Only ________ cup of coffee please.

      a) any / a                            b) something / no        c) something / a           d) anything / some

B. Fill in the blanks writing the verbs in brackets (  ) using THE SIMPLE PRESENT, SIMPLE PAST AND PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSES.


Dear Mary,
           How are you? I  1.__________ (receive)  your letter last week. Thank you for the recipe for the cake I ask for. I made it last week and it  2.__________ very nice.


You know what? Last month  I had a fantastic holiday in Jamaica. It was hot and the sea was blue and lovely. I  3. __________ (fly) by plane from London to Kingston. I really 4.  __________  (enjoy) the flight. It was eight hours long but I 5. __________(be/not) bored at all because I  6. __________ (be) so excited. In the plane I  7. _________(listen) to music,  8. __________ (see) a film and 9.__________(speak) to the girl in the seat next to me.


I  10. __________(meet) my aunt and uncle in Kingston. They __________(take)  me on a trip to Montego Bay. We  11. __________(visit) an Orchid Farm. It was brilliant. On my last night there I  12. __________(not/go) to bed until three o’clock in the morning!


I now have a new job in a supermarket in the city center. I go there every day at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and I   13.__________ (work) there till 10 o’clock in the evening. I am very happy because my sister 14. __________ (work) there, too so we travel to and from work together. I  15.__________ (get)  my first wages last week and I 16. __________ (go)  shopping immediately! I  17.__________ (buy) a new stereo for my bedroom. It is gold and black and  18.__________ (look) very nice. My brother 19.__________(come) to stay with me for a few days this week. After I take him from the airport, we 20. __________ (go) to that Mexican restaurant near the park.  21. __________(you/want) to come with us? You can   22. __________ (call) me to tell me if you want to come or not. John told me that you 23. __________ (pass) your Spanish exam last month. Congratulations. 24. __________ (be?) it difficult? You know that I  25. __________ (be) terrible at languages but you are better. 26.__________ (you/go?) to Spain for your holiday this summer so you can practice it?

Please write to me soon with all your news, Mary.


See you soon!



wage: money you get  for your work



C. Complete this conversation. Use the verbs in brackets (  ) in the PRESENT  


     Paul   :  Hi Steve! What are you doing?

     Steve:  I 1. __________ (go) to the bank. What are you doing?

     Paul:  I 2. __________ (shop). I  3.__________(look) for a new tennis racquet. I 4.__________ (play) a lot of tennis at the moment, and I need a new racquet.

     Steve:  Where is Jackie? Do you know?

     Paul:  Yes. She isn’t in England at the moment. She 5.__________(work) in      Germany this month.

     Steve:  What 6.__________ (she / do) in Germany?

     Paul: She 7.__________(sing) in a night-club.

     Steve:  Really? What about Fred and Sue? What 8.__________ (they / do)?

     Paul:  They 9.__________ (study) for an exam. They’re always in the

                  library at the moment.

     Steve:  How is your sister? Is she all right?

     Paul:  Yes, she’s fine, but she’s tired. We 10.__________(paint) the

                  living-room. It’s hard work.

     Steve:  Can I help you?

     Paul   :  No, it’s OK. My father 11. __________ (help) me.

     Steve:  Well, I hope you find a good racquet.



Joel Connor works in an office in Kansas. His job is a typical nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday job. So at the weekend, he does something different. He does voluntary work. He helps different organizations and people for free. Every weekend, there is a new project. This weekend, Joel is helping to build a house. He is moving a large blue panel. It’s part of a wall. Joel isn’t a professional builder, but that’s the interesting thing about this project. The other people are ‘weekend builders’, too.

These ‘weekend builders’ are from the small town of Greensburg in Kansas. A year ago, a tornado hit their town. After the tornado, the community started a project to build new homes. The project is for 30 new homes. They have help from a building company and a group of volunteers.

Joel says, “I heard about the tornado and the new project. I knew some people in Greensburg. I wanted to help.” Joel’s friends are here this weekend, too. They are on the roof. They are working with Jill and Scott Eller. Jill and Scott are building their ‘dream house’. Jill is standing near her new house. She is holding a part of the new wall. They are making the house ‘tornado-resistant’ – that’s why it has an unusual shape.

The Ellers’ house is almost ready, so next weekend, Joel is moving to a different project. Why does he do voluntary work? “I have time, I can help people, I make friends and it’s fun! So why not?” he says.

D. Answer the questions according to the text.

1.What do weekend builders do?


2.What is Joel doing for his voluntary work this weekend?


3. Why do the people in Greensburg build new homes for people?


4. Who is helping Joel to build a home?


E. Read the article. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F) ?

1. Joel Connor works for free at the weekend.                       ________

2. He is a builder.                                                                    ________

3. He’s building a house for his family.                                  ________

4. He never does voluntary work.                                           ________

5. He is coming to Greensburg next weekend.                       ________

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