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 1052 (ENGLISH 2)
1)  Write true answers for you using would / wouldn’t  or do/ don’t.
1   Would you like to have a dog?
      Yes, I would. / No, I wouldn’t.                         
2   Do you like learning English?
     Yes, I do / No, I don’t   
3   What sort of car would you like to drive?
     I would like to drive………………….
4   What would you like for dinner this evening?
     I would like to eat ………….. for dinner this evening.
5   Do you like strawberries?
     Yes, I do / No, I don’t   
6   What sports do you like?
     I like ……………….
2) Write Would or Do.
1   ‘   Would __you like some aspirin?’ ‘Yes, please.’
2   ‘   Would      you like an ice-cream?’ ‘No thanks, I’m not hungry.’
3   ‘   Do ____   you like Frank?’ ‘Yes, I quite like him.’
4   ‘   Would    _ you like a drink?’ ‘Yes, tea, please.’
5   ‘   Do   ____ you like books by Dostoevsky?’ ‘Yes, I do.’
6   ‘   Would       you like a new Apple Mac?’ ‘Yes, I would.’
3) Complete the conversation with some, any, much or many.
A: Let’s make (1)  some  sandwiches for lunch.
B: OK. How (2)       much  ___ bread is there?
A: There isn’t (3)     much    _ – just four slices.
B: That’s OK. Is there (4)    any  __ cheese?
A: Yes, there’s (5)     some     cheddar cheese.
B: Anything else?
A: There are (6)      some   _ tomatoes.
B: How (7)      many    _tomatoes are there?
A: Not (8)      many    _, just two.
B: Great! Cheese and tomato sandwiches!
A: Would you like (9)     some     _juice?
B: Yes, please. Is there (10)     any     _ apple juice?
A: Yes, I think there’s (11)      some   _  in the fridge.
B: OK. Here’s your sandwich.
  4) Write a, an, or some.

1          an   ____  onion
2          some   __  pasta
3          a____  __ strawberry
4           some  __  fruit
5        an     ___   egg
6        a    ____   biscuit
7        some    __ sandwiches
8        some     _  milk

5)  Put is or are in the correct place in each sentence.
1   Apples  good for you.
2   This butter  is old. It smells terrible.
3   The potatoes  are in the fridge.
4   I think milk is delicious.
5   Tomato juice isnice in the morning.
6   I don’t like vegetables. Peas arehorrible.
6)  Rewrite the sentences using the correct formof ‘have got’  and ‘has got’.
1   London has a big commercial centre.
      London has got a big commercial centre.       
2   Does this town have a public bath?
       Has this town got a public bath?                                                         
3   We don’t have any money.
       We haven’t got any money.                                                                 
4   Does she have a good job?
       Has she got a good job?                                                                       
5   This market has some beautiful old furniture.
       This market has got some beautiful old furniture.                                
6   The Underground doesn’t have crowded trains.
       The Underground hasn’t got crowded trains.                                       

7)  Write questions with have got and has got.
1   you / American cousin?
      Have you got an American cousin?                
2   your mother / up-to-date mobile phone?
     Has your mother got an up-to-date mobile phone?
3   your town / a railway system?
     Has your town got a railway system?
4   you / US dollars in your bag?
     Have you got any US dollars in your bag?
5   you / English dictionary?
     Have you got an English dictionary? 

8)  Write true answers to the questions in 7.
1    _No, I haven’t. / Yes, I have.   
2     No, she hasn’t. / Yes, she has.
3   _No, it hasn’t. / Yes, it has.
4   _No, I haven’t. / Yes, I have.
5   _No, I haven’t. / Yes, I have.

9)   Complete the sentences with the comparative form of the adjectives in the box.
1   You’re too early! Why don’t you come back        later  __ ?
2   It’s too cold outside. Let’s go somewhere      warmer        .
3   This skirt is too short. I want a      longer          one.
4   This bus is very slow – let’s get off! It’s       faster       _to walk.
5   My baby sister is too young to walk. She’ll walk when she’s     older          _.
6   This computer game is too easy. I’d like to play a      more difficult         one.
10) Complete the sentences with the superlative form of the adjectives in brackets.
1   St Paul’s is the   ___most famous ___  cathedral in England. (famous)
2   Mont Blanc is the    ___highest               mountain in the Alps. (high)
3   London has got the         largest               airport in Europe. (large)
4   The Amazon is the          longest             river in the world. (long)
5   The London Eye is the       most popular             tourist attraction in London. (popular)
6   Fifth Avenue has got the    best               designer shops in New York City. (good)
11)  Underline the correct form of the adjectives.
1   A church is usually smaller / the smallest than a cathedral.
2   My house is the most modern / more modern than yours.
3   Towns are the busiest / busier than villages.
4   Is living in the city the most boring / more boring than living in a small town?
5   Jen’s English is the best / better than Caroline’s.
6   I think Tokyo is the more exciting / most exciting city in the world.
7   This is one of the coolest / cooler bars in town.
8   My computer is more expensive / most expensive than yours.
9   This pub is the busiest / busier in our village.
10 Paris is  the hottest / hotter than London today.
  Read the two travel blogs and answer the questions.
I just visited Machu Picchu in Peru. It was the best holiday ever! It took four days to climb to the top of the mountain and I was very tired when we finished. But the old Inca city looked much more beautiful than the photos you see in magazines or on TV! At first it was quiet because there weren’t many people around; we watched the sunrise and the city looked very mysterious. Then the train arrived, and it got much busier and noisier with lots of tourists taking photos. I’ve got lots of photos too!

Last week I went to Shanghai. It was amazing! It’s huge: in fact, it’s the largest city in China with a population of 19 million. We stayed in a hotel in the Bund, the old part of the city, and saw the older, more traditional houses built by the French. Then we visited the newer part of the city and went up the Oriental Pearl Tower. This was the tallest building in Shanghai, but now there’s an even taller one! Yesterday, I bought lots of clothes. They were much cheaper than in London and are all famous designer names!

1   Did Anders enjoy his holiday?                                               Yes, he did.       __ 
2   Did Anders take the train to the top of the mountain?            No, he didn’t          
3   How long did it take to walk to the Inca city?                         It took four days.    
4   Did Anders think the city looked better than on TV?              Yes, he did.            
5   Did lots of people watch the sunrise on top of the mountain?       No, they didn’t.      
6   What happened when the train arrived?                                  It got much busier and noisier with lots of
                                                                                                             tourists taking photos
7   How many people live in Shanghai?                                        19 million people live in Shanghai.    
8   Did Marina climb the biggest tower in Shanghai?                    Yes, she did.            
9   Did Marina buy any designer clothes?                                     Yes, she did              
     Read about four recipe websites.
The Sandwich Store site is full of fabulous but easy-to-prepare sandwich recipes and ideas. Everyone will love them, and you can make them in a few minutes. You can find many of the sandwich ingredients in your fridge.

Are your children typical fussy eaters? They won’t eat any vegetables? They don’t like fruit? They don’t want to try anything new? The Food for Kids website is the answer – hundreds of recipes that make good, healthy food interesting for children.

Passionate about Pasta is the perfect site for people who want exciting pasta recipes. Delicious traditional Italian recipes from informal meals for friends and family to fantastic party menus for special occasions!

You travelled around the world and loved all the different food. Now you can make it at home with Herbs and Spice – it’s easy! Learn to cook your favourite recipes from India, Japan, Mexico, Hungary ... Use traditional ingredients from around the world: interesting herbs and spices, delicious honey, nuts, and yoghurt ... and much more.
     Choose the best website for these people.
1   I love foreign food. I always try different things when I travel.    D  
2   I want something quick and easy to make that I can eat with my fingers in front of the TV.        A    
3   We want to cook a special dinner for our parents. They love spaghetti.         C    
4   I want some interesting recipes so I can cook good food for my little nephews.       B    
5   I grow vegetables and herbs in the garden. I love cooking South American food with lots of spices!      D     
6   I want something European I can cook for the family’s supper. They don’t like herbs and spices.         
7   I make my own lunch to take to work every day. I need some simple ideas!      A    
8   My kids only eat fast food at high school. I’m worried they don’t eat anything green.      B    
9   My mummy thinks I need to eat more apples and more broccoli. But I like fish and chips.             

Read the article and answer the questions.
The Longest Journey in Space
On 20th August and 5th September in 1977, two spacecrafts took off from Florida, USA. Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 started a long and difficult journey to the end of the solar system. They flew past new places in our solar system and sent photos of planets and moons to NASA. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
Voyager 1’s journey
Voyager 1 arrived at Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. At a distance of 349,000 kilometres from Earth, scientists received the best photographs of the planet from Voyager 1 and they discovered a lot about the planet’s weather from them. They studied the clouds, lightning and strong winds of three hundred kilometres per hour. Jupiter also has a moon with volcanoes. Voyager 1’s next stop was Saturn. Saturn is smaller than Jupiter and it’s most famous for its rings. From Voyager1’s photographs, scientists discovered the rings are mostly water and ice.
Voyager 2’s journey
Voyager 2 also visited Jupiter and Saturn after Voyager 1, but then it continued to Uranus. Uranus is the coldest planet in the solar system. There is a lot of ice on the surface. During its journey round Uranus, there were mechanical problems with Voyager 2’s camera. Eventually, scientists fixed it and Voyager 2 travelled to Neptune. Neptune is the furthest planet from the sun (4.5 billion kilometres) and it was the last planet on Voyager 2’s journey.
The journey continues
The two Voyagers finished their official journeys in 1989, but they continued travelling. Now they are at the end of our solar system and scientists think the two spacecrafts can travel until 2025. So Voyager 1 and 2 are on their most amazing journey: into space outside our solar system.
1 How many Voyager spacecrafts did NASA send into the solar system? It sent two spacecrafts into…….
     2 Which planets did Voyager 1 visit?                                         It visited Jupiter and Saturn.
3 Which planets did Voyager 2 visit?                                         It visited Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptun.
4 Where are the Voyager spacecrafts now?                                They are at the end of our solar system.
Complete the questions about the planets in our solar system with the superlative form of the adjectives.
1 Which planet is __the nearest____ (near) to the Sun?             
2 Which planet is _ the easiest____ (easy) to see in the sky?     
3 Which planet is __the furthest____ (far) from the Earth?        
4 Which planet is the __the best____ (good) for human life?       

5 Which planet is the __the hottest____ (hot)?                             

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