16 Eylül 2013 Pazartesi

Okuma-Konuşma, Citizen Journalism


Follow-UpQuestions for the Video:
1-       What’s the influence of the digital media during the earthquake in China?
2-       Do you remember the name given to the censorship on the internet in China?

Ask ss whether they have OR follow a blog? Are blogs modern diaries?
Ask ss the differences between traditional and digital/alternative media?
Ask ss which medium they prefer to follow daily news. (Remind ss that “medium” is the singular form of “media”) 

How can citizens be journalists? Can you give examples from your daily life?
What would the advantages and drawbacks of citizen journalism be?

Collocations: take place, well-trained journalist, provide information, make a statement/comment, make sure, have control over the news, publish/report news, add/post comment, do business

Post-Reading Questions:
1-       How did the internet change the ways that traditional media made money?

2-       Do you think banning the websites or restricting the internet access are acceptable in today’s world?

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