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Okuma-Konuşma, Ethical Reporting

Suggested Movies: 15 Minutes, Mr Bone
Follow-Up Questions for the Video:
1-       What is undercover journalism?
2-       What are the cases that the journalist reported?
*Write“ethics” in capitals in the middle of the board (add the meaning if you like) and students can be asked to brainstorm on what’s ethical and what’s not (is it ethical for students to cheat or plagiarize)
Ethics:   moral principles that determine a person’s behavior in his activities
Forms:   ethical X unethical (adj)
ethically Xunethically (adv)
Maxim: an absolute moral statement about a universal truth; such as: “murder is wrong”.
 Immanuel Kant:” Act only on those maxims that you could be, at the same time will to be a universal law.”
Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.
*Then students can be asked to brainstorm about “ethical reporting”. Suggested answers:
·         Telling the truth
·         Using fake documents/ using documents illegally
·         Interference into private life of people
·         Violating human rights
·         Having an impact on national security

Scan the journalists’ Code of Ethics (Appendix 1) and discuss some of the items.

While-Reading Questions
1.       Why would journalists need to change/alter the facts?
2.       What are the criteria for a newspaper’s popularity?
3.       What do our people generally look for in a newspaper?
4.       What kind of news would disturb/bother you?
5.       Would undercover reporting be considered beneficial for the society?
6.       In what other ways would undercover reporters serve for the benefit of the society?
7.       Can you name some undercover reporters in Turkey or in the world?

Match the synonyms of the boldface words and phrases in the text on pages 31-33 with the definitions given below: (one item in the text will be extra)
a)       Try to persuade someone to do something wrong (tempt)
b)       Work or do something secretly (go undercover)
c)       Numerous cases/incidents (many examples)
d)       Very exciting and surprising (sensational)
e)       They must be honest (journalists must always tell the truth)
f)        They have an appetite for celebrity news (but the public wants to read about it)

Break the law- Be under pressure - Get into trouble - Lose control - Tell the truth - Make money

Make sure - Go too far - Put pressure on - Go undercover - Cover/Find/Get a story

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