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MDB3032/3042 Exercise

Suggested videos for presentation techniques:
Youtube, How to start a speech, by Conor Neil
Youtube, Killer presentation skills, by Douglas Jefferys
Youtube, What to do with your hands when you’re presenting, by Steve Bavister
Youtube, Eye contact: the triangle method, by Impromptu Guru

Match the presentation openings to the techniques they exemplify.

a) How many of you here today have ever been in the situation where you wanted to get cash from the bank on a Sunday?
1- Making a topic statement

b) I remember the time when I was asked a difficult question in an interview and had no idea what to say.
2- Giving an amazing/surprising fact/statistic

c) What’s the biggest problem that car drivers face today?
3- ‘Visualization’ of statistics

d) We have found that four out of every five
homeowners don’t have adequate insurance cover.
4- Personalization through rhetorical/genuine
questions about audience’s experiences
e) With this product you’ll be able to slash 35% off your fuel bills.
5- Personal anecdote
f) Today I’m going to talk to you about the new staff training programme.
6- Stating a problem/personalization through
rhetorical/genuine questions about general issues
g) Did you know that Americans on average eat 18 acres of pizza every day?
7- Showing the benefits and opportunities of your product/service etc.

Match up the departments to what they do.
1- Human Resources
a- Responsible for selling the product/service
2 - Marketing
b- Responsible for the office/building
3 - Research and Development
c- Responsible for making the product
4 - I.T. (Information Technology)
d- Responsible for how a product/service is advertised and promoted
5 - Maintenance
e- Responsible for hiring new staff
6- Sales

f- Responsible for the company's computers and network
7 - Customer Service
g- Responsible for the delivery of orders
8 - Finance

h- Responsible for discovering new knowledge about the product, improving it and creating new products
9- Dispatch Department
i- Responsible for payments, bills and expenses
10- Production Department

j- Responsible for taking care of customer needs

Some questions to be asked to company members during company interviews:
What’s your department responsible for?
What’s your role in the department?
Do you feel satisfied with your position in the company?
Are there any side benefits in your job? (If yes, what are they?)
How have you planned your career until now?
What’s the most difficult side of your position?
What do you like most about your job?
Do you have any suggestions for new candidates of business life?
Do you think the education you had at the university had prepared you for the business life?
What are your future plans in your business life?
What’s your dream workplace like?

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